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The island of Sicily, off the “toe” of Italy, was for a long time the hub of the Mediterranean; in a central location of the “known world”, until the beginning of Middle Age, when America was discovered and the geopolitical center of gravity changed. Until that moment whoever controlled Sicily, controlled a topic place of the known world. For this reason it became the Mediterranean melting pot with a rich history and culture that still now gives to this island a strong identity and richness in culture, architecture, traditions and cuisine

Sicily’s HISTORY is dynamic. The first known inhabitants of Sicily take us to Paleolithic period (2,500,000 years B.C.). We have consistent evidence of populations that came from Asia Minor and were already in Sicily when the Greeks arrived to build their colonies. There are three important groups that inhabited Sicily: the Elymians lived along Western Sicily, the Sicanians were in the center of the island, and the Sicels were on the eastern side of Sicily. Then came a long list that dominated Sicily: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Byzantine, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Anjouins, Aragonese, Spanish, Bourbons, and the Savoy. This incredible sequence of conquerors left a complex culture and a stratification of styles in the architecture, the language, and the food. Each conqueror reshaped the place according to its culture and needs.

Greek temples of Segesta, Selinunte and Agrigento for sure are within the most interesting and iconic monuments we can find in Sicily. There are also the Baroque style towns in the southeastern corner of the island, the so called “Val di Noto,” one of the seven UNESCO sites we have in Sicily.

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is another great example of the mosaic called Sicily!

Sicily is sun and warmth, making it pleasant WEATHER year-round. In Sicily you can really bike any month of the year, above all along the coast where the climate is very mild. The interior of Sicily has mountains, which can have snow in the deep winter.

Sicily has a varied landscape that gives Sicily several identities and endless opportunities with mountains, coastline with soft beaches and rocky cliffs, open landscapes and Mt. Etna volcano. Sicily is spectacular!

MT ETNA deserves some attention as an important identity of Sicily. The lava flow over the millennia has shaped the majority of the east side of the island. Nowadays it is the highest active volcano in Europe and offers unforgettable experiences to explore when you go there. Some editions of the GIRO D’ITALIA included beautiful climbs on the volcano, even the 2020 edition we’ll see the caravan of the Giro climb the volcano.

As mentioned, the surrounding countries have influenced Sicily’s FOOD AND WINE. Each country left its own recipe, its own ingredients and its own tradition that over time combined into a unique and exciting cuisine.

The Sicilian PEOPLE are naturally friendly and warm in a way that matches the weather. This is a surprise to most because of dominations experienced over the centuries. Sicilians are welcoming to visitors, making them feel comfortable on their island and in their homes. Welcome to Sicily!

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