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The Bike Italy’s platform is flexible enough to match the

best solution for you in order to stabilize and increase your sales

Build your tour!

Your guests deserve lovely bike routes and efficient services.

We can do that for you.

Try us, it's a simple process, let us know just 5 simple things to start:

Number of days

Kind of accommodation

Level of biking and terrain – leisure, active, or avid cycling. 

What regions of Italy?

What experiences do your guests want?

How can we help you?

Our expertise and experience are at your disposal to make the cycling tour experience for your guests safe and smooth. The itineraries and services are tested in advance to confirm the logistics and to make a memorable trip


Giuseppe Crinò

Founder and product manager

Designing a new tour with beautiful rides and experiences is always exciting. When my team and I design a bike trip we put ourselves into the shoes of our guest, keeping in mind that we are arranging a memorable experience in Italy! Putting all of the services together with the routes is like creating a piece of art.

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