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We are still pedaling along a tough climb, through a dark tunnel too. We are doing our best; it is a challenge made up of legs, heart, breath, but above all, head!

Sometimes it seems like we can't make it, we would like to throw the bike on the side of the road and give up, but in the end, over there ... the glow of the exit seems now visible, and we also know that at the end of the tunnel we'll start pedal downhill!

This is my view of the "Covid period" we are going through. It comes from a professional perspective since I'm in the bike tour industry and, above all, from my passion for cycling.

Cycling is a way to look at life… but this is another chapter.

I know that everyone has his view. However, I believe that the psychological fatigue and the need for the lightness that we are accumulating day after day push our mental visualizations of this "suspended" moment.

I see the glow coming from the way out of the tunnel, and with it, the end of this tough period for all of us.

When we get out of it, we will need safe outdoor and socialization activities to address the great desire for freedom and meet people.

How do you see it? Do you also want to jump on a bike and breathe deeply with the wind in your face?

Or would you instead lock yourself in a bus and watch the world from behind the windows?

Yes, I know, I know … everyone has his way of enjoying the holiday, and I respect this, on the other hand, I invite you to think about it; sometimes we don't try new experiences just because of laziness or fear of moving out of our "comfort zone."

And then, if you are thinking, "I don't have the training," consider the pedal E-bike.

What are the impacts of Covid on tourism in Italy, and what are the prospects for the future?

Tourism, as well as all activities based on socialization, is one of the services industry that has suffered the worst losses in Italy, with a drop in the presence of foreigners in 2020 equal to 75% and a loss in turnover of 14 billion euros (data Feder Alberghi Nov . 2020).

What changes has Covid made on the way of living the holiday?

What characteristics will the "post-Covid" holiday have?

We have spent, and still, as I'm writing, months in observing more or less stringent rules on travel when not a ban on leaving the house. What will be the travel solution that will best suit the desire for open spaces?

Are we ready to start traveling again?

As tour designer of bike tours, I firmly believe that the physical distancing between people, the need for open spaces, and the desire for freedom are all ingredients that make a self-guided bicycle holiday a Covid19 safe way to travel.

With a self-guided bicycle tour, you travel independently and decide if you want to use the services of a specialized operator such as bike Italy, such as tested and verified itineraries, luggage transfer, and technical assistance in case of need and some more.

A bike tour is possible without the support of a tour operator also. Many want to experience the pleasure of a cycling holiday in total autonomy, especially among the very young who ride their bikes, armed with a sleeping bag and minimum equipment. They make the bike a tool to discover the world.

However, cycling tourism has grown in the last years, embracing more mature age groups, and the related needs and services have increased. Consequently, it is not surprising to design bicycle tours with high added value, quality services, and supported by four and 5-star hotels and historic homes.

Traveling by bike means enjoying, for several consecutive days, the sense of freedom and discovery that the bike can give. When you immerse yourself in a "bike trip" experience, it is as if you entered a bubble. The experience of a bike trip is like a protected atmosphere where you live in a dimension made of adrenaline and relaxation, discovering landscapes and small villages, wineries, oil mills, human contacts, and re-discovering the typical flavors of ancient recipes.

It's maybe because of the pace, which is not the fast one of the car and the slow one of walking neither. Or, it's maybe because of the wind in your face as you go, alone, with your partner or a small group of close friends. The fact is that the bike holiday seems to have all the characteristics suitable for a safe experience in the post-Covid era and at the same time give us full energy to reassure us from a long, challenging period.



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