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With so many choices to spend a vacation, you may wonder what does Italy offer that makes it special? Why, in particular, may a bike tour operator consider Italy as a destination?

Are your clients interested in history and culture? Italy offers 55 UNESCO sites including the charming atmosphere that touches you when you visit old villages and awe-inspiring archaeological sites. The influence of other countries around the world due centuries of immigration, trade, and colonization have shaped Italy into a country of multi-traditions. And, of course, there is our passion for food and wine.


At Bike Italy we are all Italians this is our daily life and we don’t always recognize that these points are an attraction to others. We asked our guests what draws them to Italy and their answers helped us paint a good picture with some interesting reasons.

On top of the list is the variety of landscapes and the hilltop villages that line our bike routes.

When you are biking in Italy, you experience new emotions at each bend of your route. The landscape is always exciting because it changes continuously. There are very few straight and flat stretches in Italy we have curves and climbs… which means large views of the landscape.

Experience valleys, rocky and wooded mountains, lakes, springs, saltmarshes, coastlines, and volcanoes all within the borders of beautiful Italy!


You may consider a one-week bike ride along the hills of Tuscany and then spend a week more at the sea of Sicily, where you may even consider a hike on top of Mt. Etna.

You may pedal hard along the UNESCO mountains of the Dolomites and then move to the romantic region of Venezia or to one of the iconic villages of Tuscany.

Why not consider an idyllic mountain-gravel tour, on an E-Bike, along the ancient Salt Route in Piedmont? And, at the end of the tour consider some days in Turin and enjoy its elegant style. Or maybe end your tour a bit south, by the coast at Le Cinque Terre or: in the Renaissance Florence, or in Bologna.


Cycling tours in Italy allow you to experience the country's rich Renaissance art, Baroque architecture and wonderful landscapes by bike. Pedal through hills where it looks like an artist painted the beautiful scene, while really it is mother nature and the result of the hard work of the local farmers.

Along your bike ride, stop at local coffee shops in historic towns for an experience of the place, the people, and the opportunity to know the place more. Plus, it is a way to re-energize with wonderful pastries and a good espresso. From the north to the south of Italy, every place has its own specialties you need just to experiment and pick your favorite one.

This is another good reason that comes up often: Italian coffee. We Italians love coffee and it is the same for our guests. This is why sometimes we have a sort of coffee contest on the tour. Where is the best espresso along the tour? Everybody is involved in the contest and it is interesting how diverse the preferences are within the group. At Bike Italy, we know good coffee and we know where to send guests for a great experience. Finding good coffee along the routes is part of our criteria.


Our focus for a good experience includes finding great food and wine. Italian food is famous everywhere in the world. The food experience changes in each region you visit and you’ll be surprised how many tasty recipes come from ancient, peasant life conditions and the capability of people to invent with simple and genuine ingredients. The passion and knowledge of our grandmas has been passed through generations and sometimes revisited by Michelin star chefs. We find good food where ever we go.

Italian wine is another highlight on our tours. Each region takes pride in the types of grapes grown and the traditions of production. From the Langhe hills and Barolo country to the popular wines of Montalcino and Montepulciano and into the award-winning wines of Sicily. It’s always surprising to experience the differences between the regions and the wineries and we tend to find the smaller wineries, lesser known, but with an amazing production.

Our guests have also recognized the respect of drivers in sharing the road. We can say that drivers overall are kind to cyclists. Usually they leave enough space when passing, so there is a feeling of safety when biking in Italy. When we create bike routes, we consider the traffic and focus on a good network of secondary roads, not only good for biking, but usually more beautiful. In my opinion this huge network of roads is perfect for cycling, and even more appealing than the cycle paths that are great, but are not able to give you the same feeling of the place, its life and history.

Did we win you? Do you see the benefits to include Italy as destination for a bike vacation? We would love to hear your reasons for biking in Italy and look forward to hear from you soon.

Feel free to connect with us to have a look together how Bike Italy can support you

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