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Aggiornamento: 12 ott 2020

As tour operator we put together services. How much important is the contribute of the service providers to the final result? How important is the rule of the tour operator as coordinator of the services?

Who are the providers?

When we organize a new bike tour we need to consider the chain of suppliers that make up the whole package: the hotels, the transfer services, the guides, the restaurants, the experiences such as cooking classes and wine tastings, bike mechanics, our own tour leaders that accompany tours.

When are they needed?

A reliable provider network is essential because as a whole each piece contributes significantly to the identity, security and fluidity of the entire tour package.

This is a team of players where the tour operator is at the center of the various suppliers and coordinates everyone in understanding their important part. Together we aim for excellence.

Why are they important?

Together they make up the entire "frame" of the tour with the bike route linking each of the pieces. I can design a beautiful tour based on the roads and landscapes, but it doesn’t matter if the guests are not welcomed in the at the hotel that I have selected or if the driver picks them up late or with an inadequate car. Hence a selection of suppliers and a solid relationship with each of them is fundamental.

How do we make it happen?

We need these services and we need them to join us at the expected standard of excellence. The first step is to select providers that care about the clients, who care about good service, and who are responsive. The second step is to communicate what we expect. When these two pieces are in place we can then create a program based on a common philosophy of hospitality and quality guest service.

So what is the point of this post?

To encourage you to build a network of strong and effective relationships with suppliers. To choose the pieces wisely and coordinate them in a unified itinerary.

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